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Use the answer printer command to select a printer and set standard printing options for later printing.


The answer printer command displays a dialog box where the user can set certain print-related properties.

If the systemPrintSelector property is false or the system does not support native print dialogs a stack named "Printer Dialog" will be used. If the systemPrintSelector property is true then a dialog will be displayed by the operating system, in this case the exact options are determined by the printer driver and the operating system.

If the user does not cancel the dialog, upon return the printer setting properties will be updated to reflect their choices.

Note: If the user clicks the cancel button of the answer printer dialog, then "cancel" is put into the result.

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Peter Brigham
Nov 24, 2009
Selecting a printer using the answer printer command sets the printername property, which Revolution uses to identify the printer to use for any RevTalk print commands. Changing the printer in an answer printer dialog box does not alter the current default printer in the system preferences "printing" panel, at least on Mac OSX.