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Use the choose command to select objects, create objects, or paint under scripted control.


The toolName is one of the basic tools from the Tools palette, or one of the paint tools from the Paint palette. The basic tools are:

* browse: perform actions such as clicking buttons and typing in fields

* pointer: select, move, or resize objects

* button: create all styles of button objects

* field: create all styles of field objects

* scrollbar: create all styles of scrollbar objects

* graphic: create all styles of graphic objects

* image: create paint images

* player: create sound and video player objects

The paint tools are:

* select: select a rectangle in an image

* pencil: draw freehand in an image

* bucket: fill a shape in an image

* brush: draw brushstrokes in an image

* eraser: erase an area in an image

* spray can: draw airbrush strokes in an image

* rectangle: draw a rectangle or square shape

* line: draw a straight line in an image

* round rect: draw a rectangle with rounded corners in an image

* oval: draw an oval or circle shape in an image

* polygon: draw a polygon in an image

* curve: draw a curved line in an image

* regular polygon: draw a regular polygon shape in an image

* dropper: pick up a color from an image


The tool you choose is effective for all editable windows, until you choose another tool. (The Browse tool is always in effect for stacks whose cantModify property is true, and for stacks being displayed as a palette, modeless dialog, or modal dialog.)

All types of graphics are drawn with the single Graphic tool. To draw a specific shape, first draw with the Graphic tool, then set the style property of the new graphic to the shape you want. (You can also set the style of the templateGraphic to the shape you want, then draw the graphic with the Graphic tool. The graphic icons on the Tools palette work this way: each one sets the style of the templateGraphic, then chooses the Graphic tool.)

Similarly, all types of buttons, fields, and scrollbars can be drawn with the single tool for that object type. You specify a particular kind of button, field, or scrollbar by setting its style property.

Note: You must choose tools by name. The HyperCard method of choosing tools by number is not supported in Revolution.

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