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disable menu
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disable [menuItem itemNumber of] menu {menuName | menuNumber}

disable menuItem itemNumber of button

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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Dims a menu or menu item so that it no longer responds to user actions.

disable menuItem 2 of menu "Styles"
disable menu "Objects"
disable menu 1

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Use the disable menu command to dim a menu or menu item in the menu bar, preventing the menu item from being chosen.


The itemNumber is the number of a menu item, from top to bottom of the menu. The first menu item is numbered 1. (Horizontal lines count.)

The menuName is the name of a menu in the current menu bar.

The menuNumber is the number of a menu, from left to right.


If a menuItem is specified, only that menu item is disabled; otherwise, the entire menu is disabled. The disable menu command inserts an open parenthesis ( before the menu item's name; you can also manually disable a menu item by prepending an open parenthesis to its name.

When used to disable an entire menu at once, the disable menu command applies only to menus in the current menu bar. To disable a menu associated with a button, use the disable command.

On Mac OS systems, the Apple menu does not have a number and cannot be enabled or disabled. Menu numbering starts with the menu to the right of the Apple menu.

Since a Revolution menu bar is implemented as a group of buttons (one button per menu, with the menu items as lines in the button's text property), you can indicate a menu by specifying its button. Disabled menu items have an open parenthesis ( before the name of that menu item, so when used to disable a menu item, the disable menu command adds an open parenthesis at the beginning of the specified line.

Example of disabling a sub menu item using an open parenthesis:







The menu item "Sub2" will be disabled.

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