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enable menu
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enable [menuItem itemNumber of] menu {menuName | menuNumber} enable menuItem itemNumber of button
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Enables a menu or menu item so that it can be chosen by the user.

enable menu 2
enable menuItem 3 of menu "Text" -- menu in menu bar
enable menuItem 4 of button "Edit"

Additional Comments
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Use the enable menu command to enable a menu or menu item so it can be chosen.


The itemNumber is the number of a menu item, from top to bottom of the menu. The first menu item is numbered 1. (Horizontal lines count.)

The menuName is the name of a menu in the current menu bar.

The menuNumber is the number of a menu, from left to right.

The button is any button.


If a menuItem is specified, only that menu item is enabled; otherwise, the entire menu is enabled.

When used to enable an entire menu at once, the enable menu command applies only to menus in the current menu bar. To disable a menu associated with a button, use the enable command.

On Mac OS systems, the Apple menu does not have a number and cannot be enabled or disabled. Menu numbering starts with the menu to the right of the Apple menu.

Since a Revolution menu bar is implemented as a group of buttons (one button per menu, with the menu items as lines in the button's text property), you can indicate a menu by specifying its button. Disabled menu items have an open parenthesis ( at the beginning of the line for that menu item. When used to enable a menu item, the enable menu command removes the open parenthesis from the beginning of the specified line.

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