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export [format] to {file filePath | container} [with mask maskFile] export image to {file filePath |container} [as format] [with mask maskFile]
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
Exports the selectedimage as a PBM, JPEG, GIF, or PNGfile.

export paint to file "Picture" with mask "../circlemask"
export JPEG to URL "binfile:next.jpg"
export image "Parachute" to myVariable as GIF
export image thisImage to file "Thumbnail" as PNG

Additional Comments
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Use the export command to export an image to a file or container.


The format is one of the following: paint, JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

The filePath specifies the name and location of the file you want to export to. If you specify a name but not a location, the file is created in the defaultFolder.

The container is a reference to a container, usually another image or a URL.

The maskFile specifies the name and location of a file to export as an image mask. You can use a maskFile only when exporting in PBM format (paint).

The image is a reference to an image.


If you use the form export format to..., the selected image is exported.

The export paint form exports the image as a PBM, PGM, or PPM file, depending on the image's colors. (Optionally, you can specify a location for the mask file.) The export JPEG form exports as a JPEG file, and the export PNG form exports as a PNG file. If you don't specify a format, the file is exported as PBM, PGM, or PPM.

Changes to Revolution:

The GIF export option was introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, it was not possible to export GIFs.

The export image form was introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, only the selected image could be exported.

The export to container form was introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, an image could be exported only to a file.

User Comments
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Mark Hidden
Feb 7, 2011
you may have issue with export if you have not set a default folder this seems like an issue with windows 7 and Windows vista. you have to save your stack first, See Default folder for more info. set the itemDelimiter to slash get the effective filename of this stack set the defaultFolder to item 1 to -2 of it