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lock screen
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lock screen
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Sets the lockScreen property to true, temporarily preventing the screen from being updated.

lock screen
if the shiftKey is not down then lock screen

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Use the lock screen command to rearrange items on the screen or to change locations without the user seeing the transition.


A handler may need to open a stack and then close it before the handler is completed, or to move or change the appearance of a number of objects on the screen. If the screen is locked before these changes occur, the user does not see the changes happen on screen. Locking the screen can prevent user confusion or unsightly screen flashing. It also increases the speed of the handler, since Revolution does not have to redraw all the intermediate states of the screen.

The lock screen command sets the lockScreen property to true. When all pending handlers are finished executing, the lockScreen property is set back to false and the user sees the current state of stack windows on the screen.

Note: When using script debug mode, the screen cannot be locked and the lock screencommand has no effect.

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