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print card [from topLeft to rightBottom] [into pageRect]

print {stack|card|{marked|number|all} cards} [into pageRect]

print {stack|card|{marked|number|all} cards} [from leftTop to rightBottom]

print break

Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
Prints one or more cards.

print card "Output"

print stack "Heavenly Days" into 100,100,450,410

print this card from 0,0 to the mouseLoc

print marked cards

print 20 cards into the rect of field "Preview"

Additional Comments
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Use the print command to print out a card, a set of cards, or all the cards of a stack.


The stack is any open stack. If you specify a stack, all the cards of that stack are printed. (You can print a stack even if its window isn't visible.)

The card is any card reference. If you specify a card, that single card is printed.

The number is the number of cards to print, starting with the current card.

The pageRect is the rectangle into which the card is printed, and consists of four integers separated by commas: the left, top, right, and bottom edges of the printed card, in points. (There are 72 points to an inch.) The card is scaled to fit the specified pageRect. If you don't specify a pageRect, the card's size depends on the printScale property.

The leftTop and rightBottom are points specifying the portion of the card to be printed. Each point consists of two integers separated by a comma:

* the horizontal distance in pixels from the left edge of the card window to the point

* the vertical distance from the top edge to the point

If you don't specify a leftTop and rightBottom, the entire visible portion of the card is printed.


The print command prints only the area of a card that is visible in the stack window. To print an area of a card whose objects extend beyond the window boundaries, either set the stack's rectangle so it's large enough to hold all the objects to print, or use the print...from form of the print command.

To print multiple cards selected one at a time, start with the open printing command, issue any print commands you want, then use the close printing command to print all the cards you specified in the print commands as a single batch.

If you specify a form that includes more than one card (such as print stack), the cards may be printed more than one to a page, depending on the size of the cards and on whether you specify a pageRect.

The print marked cards form prints all the cards in the current stack whose mark property is set to true.

The print all cards form is equivalent to print this stack.

The print break form forces a page break.

Note: If a card is larger than a full page, the printcommand prints only the first page of the card, starting at the top left corner. To print the entire card, use the print...into pageRect form to scale the card to the page.

Revolution visits each card as it's printed, returning to the original card when the printing is done, but it doesn't send any system messages such as openCard while moving from card to card during printing. If you don't want the user to see these card changes, set the lockScreen property to true before you print.

Cross-platform note: On Mac OS and Windows systems, the printcommand uses the current printer. On Unix systems, the printcommand creates a PostScript file and runs the program specified in the printCommandproperty, with the file as input.

User Comments
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Gerard McCarthy
Oct 1, 2010
Print all cards, print stack, and print x cards all start at the current card and go towards the end of the stack and then begin at card 1 again until the desired number of cards have been printed.