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record sound
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record sound file filePath

Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows
Starts recording from the system's audio input to a file.

record sound file "Testing"
record sound file it

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Use the record sound command to record the user's speech, import sound data from a CD into an audio file, or record music from an external microphone.


The filePath is the name and location of the file that will hold the recorded sound data.


The record sound command uses QuickTime to record.

While recording is going on, the recording property is set to true. To stop recording, use the stop recording command or set the recording to false.

The technical specifications of the recording are determined by the settings of the recordCompression, recordChannels, recordRate, and recordSampleSize properties. The file format is determined by the recordFormat property.

Note: If you choose to record to a file that already exists, the record sound command will overwrite the existing file, it will not append the new recording to the end.

Important! If the recordFormat is set to "movie", the resulting file is in the QuickTime file format. QuickTime files cannot be played as audio clips. To play such a sound, either create a player and set its filenameproperty to the path of the file you recorded, or use the play videoclip form of the playcommand.

Changes to Revolution:

The syntax of the record sound command was simplified in version 2.0. In previous versions, specification of sample rate, compression format, and whether to display a settings dialog box was included in the syntax for the record sound command. These capabilities are now available using the answer record command and the recordRate and recordCompression properties.

The ability to choose the format of the sound file with the recordFormat property was introduced in version 2.0. In previous versions, the record sound command always produced a QuickTime file.

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