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Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Deprecated. Used to open a URL in a web browser.

revGoURL ""
revGoURL ""
revGoURL it
revGoURL ""
revGoURL "file:///Folder/file.html"

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The revGoURL command is deprecated and should not be used in new code. To open a url from within a stack, use the launch url command instead.

The revGoURL command was previously used to open a web page in the user's browser application from within a stack.


The URL is an expression that evaluates to a URL.


On Windows and Linux systems, the URL is opened by the default system application for the url type. For "http" URLs, this will be the system default web browser, for "file" URLs it will be the default application associated with that file.

On Mac OS and OS X systems, the URL is opened in the application the user has set for that URL protocol in the Internet control panel (or, for older system versions, Internet Config). For example, "mailto:" URLs are opened in the email program, "http:" URLs are opened in the web browser, and so on.

Important! On Mac OS systems, the revGoURL command requires that AppleScript be installed and that the GURL Apple Event be supported. GURL support is included in Mac OS 8.5 or later, and is available for Mac OS 8.0 and 8.1 if the "Internet Scripting" file is installed in the "Scripting Additions" folder inside the Extensions folder. (This file is installed by the Internet Access installer on the 8.0 installation CD.) The revGoURL command is not supported for Mac OS versions before 8.0.

Important: If the URL contains quotes, it is necessary either to URLEncode it or to replace the quotes with "%22", or unexpected behavior may be experienced.

Note: When included in a standalone application, the Common library is implemented as a hidden group and made available when the group receives its first openBackground message. During the first part of the application's startup process, before this message is sent, the revGoURL command is not yet available. This may affect attempts to use this command in startup, preOpenStack, openStack, or preOpenCardhandlers in the main stack. Once the application has finished starting up, the library is available and the revGoURL command can be used in any handler.

Changes to Revolution:

The revGoUrl command was deprecated in version 2.9 to be replaced by the launch url command.

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