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revMoveFolder folderToMove,destinationFolder
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Moves a folder with all its contents to another location.

revMoveFolder "Backup Folder","/Disk/Backups/"
revMoveFolder "My App Prefs",specialFolderPath(Preferences)

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Use the revMoveFolder function to move a folder into another folder.


The folderToMove specifies the name and location of the folder. If you specify a name but not a location, Revolution assumes the folder is in the defaultFolder.

The destinationFolder specifies the name and location of the folder where the folder should be placed. If you specify a name but not a location, Revolution assumes the destination folder is in the defaultFolder.


The revMoveFolder command moves the entire folder, including all files, subfolders, and their contents. The folder is removed from its original location and apppears only in the new location.

The revMoveFolder command uses system services on each platform to perform the move. On Mac OS and OS X systems, it uses AppleScript; on Windows and Unix systems, it uses the shell function. Any errors encountered are returned in the result function.

Note: When included in a standalone application, the Common library is implemented as a hidden group and made available when the group receives its first openBackground message. During the first part of the application's startup process, before this message is sent, the revMoveFoldercommand is not yet available. This may affect attempts to use this command in startup, preOpenStack, openStack, or preOpenCardhandlers in the main stack. Once the application has finished starting up, the library is available and the revMoveFoldercommand can be used in any handler.

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Jun 11, 2010
To move a file see "rename"