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revSetCardProfile profileName[,stackName]

Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Changes the current profile used for a card and all its objects.

revSetCardProfile "MetallicLook"
revSetCardProfile "Master",the mainStack of this stack

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Use the revSetCardProfile command to change property settings on a card to a different set of stored settings.


The profileName specifies which profile to use.

The stackName is the short name of an open stack. If you don't specify a stack, the current card of the topStack is changed.

Note: Although the revSetCardProfilecommand changes a card, you specify a stack name, not a card name.


A profile is a set of property settings for an object. You create a profile for an object, and give it a name, using the Property Profiles pane in the object's property inspector. When you change that object to use a profile, the properties you specified in the profile are changed to the settings you specified. This helps you quickly switch the appearance and behavior of the object without needing to set its properties individually.

The revSetCardProfile command changes the profile of the current card of the specified stack and all the objects on that card. If an object does not have a profile with the specified profileName, the object's properties are not changed.

Important! The revSetCardProfilecommand is part of the Profile library. To ensure that the command works in a standalone application, in the Profiles section on the General screen of the Standalone Application Settings window, make sure you choose to include profiles in your application.

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