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revShowPrintDialog showPageSetup,showPrint

Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows
Controls display of the Page Setup (on Mac OS systems) and Print dialog boxes when using the revPrintField or revPrintText commands.

revShowPrintDialog true,true -- shows both dialogs
revShowPrintDialog false,true -- shows only Print dialog
revShowPrintDialog false,the hilite of button "Set Options"

Additional Comments
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Use the revShowPrintDialog command to let users specify options for printing.


The showPageSetup is an expression that evaluates to true or false.

The showPrint is an expression that evaluates to true or false.


Before printing, applications usually display a dialog box where the user can set certain print-related properties. (This dialog is displayed by the operating system, not by Revolution.) Typically, the options in the dialog box include enlargement or reduction, landscape or portrait mode, and paper size, but the exact options are determined by the printer driver and the operating system. If you use the revShowPrintDialog command in a handler before a revPrintField or revPrintText command, these commands display this dialog box.

Cross-platform note: On Mac OS and OS X systems, the showPageSetupparameter controls whether the Page Setup dialog box appears, and the showPrintparameter controls whether the Print dialog box appears. On Windows systems, the showPageSetupparameter controls whether the standard printing options dialog box appears, and the showPrintparameter is ignored.

If the user cancels the print dialog box, the next revPrintField or revPrintText command in the current handler is skipped, and the result is set to "Cancel" after the revPrintField or revPrintText command is executed.

If you use the revShowPrintDialog command outside a handler where a revPrintField or revPrintText command is executed, the revShowPrintDialog command has no effect. The command sets printing options only for the currently executing handler.

Important! The revShowPrintDialogcommand is part of the Printing library. To ensure that the command works in a standalone application, you must include this custom library when you create your standalone. In the Inclusions section on the General screen of the Standalone Application Settings window, make sure that "Printing" is selected in the list of script libraries.

Note: When included in a standalone application, the Printing library is implemented as a hidden group and made available when the group receives its first openBackground message. During the first part of the application's startup process, before this message is sent, the revShowPrintDialogcommand is not yet available. This may affect attempts to use this command in startup, preOpenStack, openStack, or preOpenCardhandlers in the main stack. Once the application has finished starting up, the library is available and the revShowPrintDialogcommand can be used in any handler.

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