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rotate [image] by numberOfDegrees

Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Rotates an image through the specified angle.

rotate by 90
rotate image "Spinner" by -10

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Use the rotate command to turn an image.


The image is any image reference.

The numberOfDegrees is a number, or an expression that evaluates to a number.


The entire content of the specified image is selected with the Select paint tool, then rotated. If you don't specify an image, the portion currently selected with the Select paint tool is rotated.

If the numberOfDegrees is positive, the image rotates counterclockwise. If the numberOfDegrees is negative, the image rotates clockwise.

If the rotated image extends beyond the boundaries of the original image, and the image's lockLocation property is set to false, the image expands to accommodate the rotated contents. If the lockLocation is true, the rotated image is cropped to fit within the image's rectangle.

The current setting of the resizeQuality property is used to determine whether to apply filtering to the rotation operation. If set to normal no filtering is used; if set to good or best a bilinear filter is used which significantly reduces the distortion that will naturally occur when an image is rotated.

The rotation operation does not have an inverse. Since some amount of distortion is unavoidable when rotating an image by an amount that is not a multiple of 90 degrees, rotating an image clockwise, then counterclockwise by the same amount does not completely restore the original image.

To rotate an image in a reversible way, or to do repeated rotations without progressive distortion of the image, set its angle property instead of using the rotate command. Unlike the rotate command, the angle property affects only the screen display of the image, not the actual picture data in it, so setting it repeatedly does not introduce distortion.

Note: Rotating an image using good or best resizeQuality might cause the mask to be promoted to an alpha channel.

Note: As rotate is an image editing operation, the target image needs to be on the currently visible card of an open stack to function.

Important! The rotate command cannot be used on a referenced image. Doing so will cause an execution error. To turn a referenced image, set the image's angle property instead.

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