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send to program
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send message to {program | application} programAddress \ [with classID] [{with | without} reply]
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X
None required
Sends an Apple event to a program.

send "get field 3" to program "Corporate Zone:Other Mac:Revolution"
send thisMessage to application "FileMaker" without reply
send field ID 9 to program someProgram with "GURLGURL"

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Use the send to program command to cause another application to take some action via the dosc Apple event or another Apple event you specify.


The message is the message you want the other application to execute (the data attached to the Apple event you are sending). Its exact format and meaning depends on the other application.

The programAddress is the AppleTalk address of the other program. The AppleTalk address consists of three parts, separated by colons: the zone the other computer is in, the name of the computer, and the name of the target program. If the other computer is in the same zone as yours, you can omit the zone. If the other program is running on the same computer, you can omit both the zone and the computer name.

The classID is a string consisting of the 4-character Apple event class and the 4-character event ID. If you don't specify a classID, Revolution uses "miscdosc": the misc class and the dosc event.


If the program supports the Apple event, it performs the command. If the program sends back a response, it is placed in the result function.

The to application and to program forms are synonyms.

If you specify the with reply form, the handler pauses until the application sends back a response. If you specify the without reply form, the handler continues immediately without waiting. If you don't specify either form, the with reply form is used.

Tip: To display the process browser dialog box and allow the user to choose a running program, use the following statement:

do "choose application" as AppleScript

For more information about Apple events, see Apple Computer's technical documentation, Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication, located at <>.

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