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sheet stack [in parentStack]
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Displays a stack as a sheet dialog box.

sheet stack "Document Settings"
sheet stack (the nextDialog of me)
sheet me in stack "Overview"

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Use the sheet command to display a stack as a custom sheet.


The stack is any stack reference.

The parentStack is any open stack that is not being displayed as a sheet.


The sheet command opens the stack as a sheet in the window of the specified parentStack. If you don't specify a parentStack, the sheet is displayed in the window of the defaultStack.

The stack's rectangle and location properties are ignored.

While a sheet dialog box is open, nothing else can be done in the stack the sheet is displayed in. Because of this, you should use sheets only when a stack must obtain feedback from the user before it can continue.

If the stack is already open, the sheet command closes the stack and reopens it as a sheet, so closeStack and openStack, closeCard and openCard, and (if applicable) closeBackground and openBackground messages are sent to the parentStack's current card as a result of executing this command. Use the lock messages command before executing modal if you want to prevent the close messages from being sent; the open messages are sent regardless of the setting of the lockMessages property.

The sheet command pauses the running handler until the sheet is dismissed (usually by clicking a button in the sheet). To return information to the handler about which button was clicked, in the button's script, set a global variable or custom property. After the dialog box is dismissed, the handler can query this variable or property and act accordingly.

Attempting to open a sheet from within another sheet displays the second stack as a modal dialog box instead.

Cross-platform note:Sheets are only used on OS X systems. If you use the sheetcommand on a Mac OS, Unix, or Windows system, the stack is displayed as a modal dialog box and the parentStackparameter is ignored.

Changes to Revolution:

The ability to specify a parentStack was introduced in version 2.1. In previous versions, a sheet always appeared inside the defaultStack.

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