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start editing
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start editing group [of stack]
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Puts a stack into group-editing mode.

start editing group "Expert"
start editing group 1 of stack "Currencies"

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Use the start editing command to add objects to a group or change the objects in a group.


The group is a reference to a group you want to edit.

The stack is a reference to the stack that contains the group you want to edit.


If you don't specify a stack, the specified group in the current stack is put into group-editing mode.

Any objects created while in group-editing mode are added to that group.

When a group is in group-editing mode, font and color properties for the group (though not for objects in the group) are disregarded. This means that if properties such as textFont, foregroundColor, and so on are set for the group, it displays differently when in group-editing mode, using the fonts and colors of the stack the group is in. As soon as you exit group-editing mode with the stop editing command, the group's correct appearance is restored.

Note: The start editingcommand temporarily modifies the object hierarchy, displaying only the objects that belong to the group being edited. Inherited font and color properties may not appear correctly while the group is being edited, but will be restored whhen you exit group-editing mode. Also, if the start editingcommand is included in a handler, using the debugger to step through that handler may cause unexpected results because of the change in object context.

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