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unmark {card | all cards | cards where condition} unmark cards by finding findString [in field]
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Sets a card's mark property to false.

unmark this card
unmark cards where the label of button "Category Popup" is "None"
unmark cards by finding it

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Use the unmark command in conjunction with the mark command to narrow down a list of cards for printing or for special treatment by the go and sort commands.


The card is any card reference.

The condition is an expression that evaluates to true or false for each card in the current stack. Any object references within the condition are treated as pertaining to each card being evaluated. For example, a reference to a field is evaluated according to that field's contents on each card.

The findString is an expression that evaluates to a string.

The field is any field reference.


You can unmark cards either one at a time, by specifying each card to be unmarked, or in batches, by using the where condition or by finding forms of the unmark command. Unmarking additional cards does not change the mark property of cards that have already been marked or unmarked.

You can use the mark and unmark commands in succession to further narrow down the set of cards. For example, this sequence of commands selects only the cards where the user has asked for help and the request has not yet been fulfilled:

mark cards by finding "Help" in field "History"

unmark cards where the hilite of button "Already Helped" is true

When using the by finding form, the search operates the same way the normal form of the find command does. The unmark command searches for cards that contain each word in the findString. The words in the findString must be found at the beginning of a word on the card, but the words do not need to be found together.

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