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wait {until | while} condition [with messages]

wait [for] number [seconds | ticks | milliseconds] [with messages]

wait for messages

Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Pauses a handler before executing the rest of its statements.

wait for 2 seconds
wait until the mouse is up
wait while the seconds < alarmTime

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Use the wait command to delay a certain amount of time, or until something happens, before continuing a handler.


The condition is an expression that evaluates to true or false. The wait command continuously evaluates this expression while waiting.

The number is an integer. If you don't specify a unit of time, the wait command waits for number ticks.


The wait command freezes execution for the specified amount of time, or until the specified condition has been met, or until a message has been sent.

The wait for time form waits for the specified time period. (The time elapsed during a wait command may be a few milliseconds more than the specified time, depending on the speed of the system and on the system's minimum time slice.)

If the wait..with messages form is used, Revolution continues normal processing during the wait. The current handler is frozen, but the user can start other handlers and perform other actions such as switching cards.

Tip: To complete a process after a pause while allowing Revolution to run normally until that time, you can use the send in time form of the send command instead of using the wait...with messages form of the wait command.

The wait for messages form waits until any message has been sent and the message has been handled. After any message handler runs, the handler containing the wait for messages statement resumes executing.

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