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Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Equivalent to the line feed character (ASCII 10, Control-J).

put return after word 2 of theData
repeat until thisChar is return

Additional Comments
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Use the return constant as an easier-to-read substitute for numToChar(10).


The return constant is needed because you can't type the character it represents in a script.

The return constant is a synonym for linefeed. This is different from some other languages, in which return is equivalent to the carriage return character (ASCII 13, Control-M). For most purposes, Revoluton translates the linefeed constant and its synonyms into the appropriate end-of-line character for the current operating system. However, you should keep this nuance in mind when processing data from another system, which Revolution has not translated: return is not ASCII 13.

The line feed character is the standard end-of-line delimiter on Unix systems. The end-of-line delimiter for Mac OS systems is a carriage return, and the end-of-line delimiter for Windows systems is a carriage return followed by a line feed. Internally, Revolution always uses a line feed to end lines.

Note: If you specify text mode with the open driver, open file, or open processcommands, Revolution translates line feed characters to the appropriate end-of-line marker for the current platform before writing data, and translates the current platform's end-of-line delimiter to a line feed after reading data. If you specify binary mode with these commands, Revolution does not perform this automatic translation. Likewise, if you put data into a fileURL or get data from it, end-of-line translation is performed, but not if you put data into or get data from a binfileURL.

Changes to Revolution:

The LF synonym was added in version 2.0.

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