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the [long | abbr[rev[iated]] | short] [english | system | internet] date

the [internet] [english | system] date


Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Returns the current date.

answer the date
put the internet date into dateHeader
put the long system date into field "Today's Date"

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Use the date function to display the current date to the user, or to store the date for later use.


If the useSystemDate property is set to true or if you specify the system date, the times returned by the date function are formatted according to the user's system preferences. In general, the short date is briefer than the abbreviated date, which is briefer than the long date.

If the useSystemDate is false or if you specify the english time, the short, abbreviated, and long forms of the date are in the format described below:

The date form returns the month number, the day of the month, and the last two digits of the year, separated by slashes (/).

The short date form returns the same value as the date form.

The abbreviated date form returns the first three letters of the day of the week, a comma, the first three letters of the month, a space, the day of the month, a comma, and the year.

The long date form returns the day of the week, a comma, the name of the month, a space, the day of the month, a comma, and the year.

The internet date form returns the following parts, separated by spaces:

* the day of the week followed by a comma

* the day of the month

* the three-letter abbreviation for the month name

* the four-digit year

* the time in 24-hour format, including seconds, delimited by colons

* the four-digit time zone relative to UTC (Greenwich) time


The format of the system date forms is set by the Date & Time control panel (on Mac OS systems), the Date control panel (on Windows systems), or the LANG environment variable (on Unix systems).

Changes to Revolution:

The ability to use the date format preferred by the user was introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, the date function, along with the time function, consistently used the standard U.S. format, even if the operating system's settings specified another language or date format.

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