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the frontScripts frontScripts()
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Returns a list of objects that have been inserted into the message path before the target object.

the frontScripts
if myID is not among the lines of the frontScripts then insertMe

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Use the frontScripts function to find out which scripts receive messages and function calls before the target object.


The frontScripts function returns a list of the long ID property of all objects that have been inserted into the front, one ID per line.


A script inserted into the front with the insert script command receives messages before all objects in the message path.

This includes messages sent with the send command, so if you send a message to an object, the objects in the frontScripts receive that message before the target object does. If the scripts in the frontScripts do not use the pass control structure to pass on the message to the next object, the target object never receives the message.

If more than one object is in the frontScripts, their order in the message path is the same as their order in the list. For example, the first object in the frontScripts receives messages before the second object. This order is the reverse of the order in which the objects were added with the insert script command.

When using the development environment, you can place as many objects as you want in the frontScripts. When using a standalone application, the number of frontScripts that can be active at once is specified by the scriptLimits function, and is currently ten.

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