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the number of [card|cd|background|bkgnd|bg] {objectType | parts | controls} the number of {objectType | parts | controls} [{in | of} group] the number of {backgrounds | groups} [ [{in | of} card] {in | of} stack] the number of [marked] cards [{in | of} stack] the number of {char[acters] | items | words | lines} {in | of} string
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Returns the number of objects of a certain kind, or the number of chunks in a string.

repeat for the number of words in inputString
if the number of card buttons > 0 then doTheButtons

Additional Comments
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Use the number function to find out how many of a thing there are.


The objectType is one of buttons (or btns), fields (or flds), images, graphics (or grcs), players, scrollbars, EPSs, audioClips, videoClips, groups, backgrounds, or cards.

The group is a reference to any group in the current stack.

The stack is any stack reference.

The string is any string or expression that evaluates to a string.


The number function returns a non-negative integer.


If you use the form the number of card controls, the number function returns the number of controls on the current card that are not members of a group. The form the number of background controls returns the number of grouped controls that are in a group whose backgroundBehavior property is set to true.

The expression

the number of chars in string

is equivalent to

the length of string

The expression the number of backgrounds of stack returns the number of groups in the stack. The expression the number of groups of stack returns the number of groups on the current card of the stack. groups that are nested inside another group are not counted.

Note: The number is implemented as a read-onlyglobalproperty, but can be more conveniently thought of as a function.

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