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the result result()
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Returns the status of the last command that was executed.

the result
if the result is not empty then exit mouseUp

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Use the result function to check whether the last command executed encountered an error.


The result function returns a string.


Many commands (such as go and find) set the value of the result function when they finish. In most cases, if the result is empty, the command was successful; if the result is not empty, the command failed and the result contains an error message. See the specific command for information about whether it sets the result function.

If a command fails because of an operating-system error (such as a file not being available), the sysError function returns the error message that the operating system reported to Revolution. In this case, you can use the sysError function to get additional information about the error if the result is not empty.

If the return control structure appears within an on handler, the result function is set to the return value. If a handler contains the lines


put the result

and the "myMessage" handler contains the line

return "some value"

the text "some value" appears in the message box when the handler runs. You can use this capability to return an error message if a custom message handler fails.

The result function is set to empty when the current handler finishes executing.

Important! If you need to check the result, do so immediately after the statement whose result you want to check (or save the value of the result in a variable for later checking). This ensures that the result you are checking is the correct one, not a value set by a later statement.

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