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the screenType screenType()
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Returns the color capability of the screen.

the screenType
if the screenType is "PseudoColor" then useLineImages else usePhotos

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Use the screenType function to determine what kind of color or grayscale values the current screen can use.


The screenType function returns one of the following types:

StaticGray: a fixed list of shades of gray

StaticColor: a fixed list of colors

GrayScale: a list of shades of gray, each changeable by the engine

PseudoColor: a list of 256 or fewer colors, each changeable by the engine

TrueColor: a list of 2^24 (16,777,216) colors

DirectColor: an unlimited number of colors


If the screenType is "StaticGray" or "StaticColor", the available colors are predefined in a color table. Any colors displayed by Revolution are changed to the closest available color.

If the screenType is "GrayScale", "PseudoColor", or "TrueColor", a predefined number of color slots is available, and the engine can change any of those colors to one of a larger set of available colors. 8-bit color displays (256 colors) are usually PseudoColor.

If the screenType is "DirectColor", any pixel on the screen can be set to any color that the screen supports.

On some Unix systems, you can change the screenType with the -v command-line option. See the "xdpyinfo" command and the Unix documentation for more information on visual types and changing the visual type.

If the system has more than one monitor, the screenType function returns the color capability of the main screen.

The value returned by the screenType function is updated only when you start up the application. If you change the screen settings after starting up the application, you must quit and restart to update the screenType.

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