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the value of expression


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Returns the value of an expression.

the value of 22 + 3 -- returns 25
value(myVariable) -- returns value of the contents of myVariable
the value of the selectedLine -- returns the actual text of the line
value("the name of me", card 1) -- returns name of card 1

Additional Comments
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Use the value function to evaluate an expression, or to force Revolution to evaluate an expression within a statement.


The expression is any expression.

The object is any object reference.


The value function returns a logical, numeric, or string value, depending on the type of expression.


The value function can be used as an instant calculator. Any arithmetic expression can be used as the expression, and the value function returns the result of the evaluation:

ask "What do you want to compute?"

answer it && "equals" && the value of it

If you specify an object, references to me in the expression are treated as references to the object. However, other object references are treated as though the handler were in the current object's script. For example, "button 3" refers to button 3 on the current card, not the card where the object is located.

If the expression is a single string, then even if it is enclosed in quotes, Revolution attempts to evaluate its contents instead of treating it as a string literal. This means that you must be careful about string literals that contain operators such as "and".

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Oliver Kenyon
Jan 16, 2009
The value function is commonly used to enable access to functions that are not in the message path. For example:

get value("MyFunction()", the long id of button "Function Library")

An alternative way of acheiving this is to change the function to a command, and use the value of the result to return the required data:

send "MyCommand" to button "Function Library"
get the result