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Desktop, Web and Server
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Mac OS X
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A special global variable that specifies the application icon to be used on OS X systems with the ask, ask password, and answer commands.

global gRevAppIcon
put the short ID of image "Icon" into gRevAppIcon

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According to Aqua user-interface standards, the application's icon should appear in modal dialog boxes to identify which application the dialog box belongs to. Use the gRevAppIcon keyword to specify which image to use for the icon.


In the Revolution development environment, when running on an OS X system, the Revolution icon is displayed in the ask, ask password, and answer dialog boxes. In your own applications, however, the application's icon should appear instead.

To make the correct icon appear, create an image in one of your application's stacks. (The image does not need to be visible, and the stack window it's in does not need to be open. The stack file needs only to be loaded into memory for the application to be able to use the image.)

Note: The standard size for the application icon is 64x64 pixels.

Make a note of the image's ID. Then, in your application, put the ID number into the gRevAppIcon global variable. For example, if the image ID is 3445, you can place the following statements in your application's startup handler:

global gRevAppIcon

put "3445" into gRevAppIcon

Thereafter, the ask, ask password, and answer commands will use the image you specified.

Note: If you specify an iconType in the answer, ask, or ask passwordcommand, the image specified by the gRevSmallAppIconvariable appears instead, along with the standard icon specified by the iconType.

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