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Specifies a format for the date, time, files, and folders functions, the convert command, and the name, ID, and owner properties.

put the long ID of this card after cardsList
if field "Last Modified" is the long date then put true into itsToday
put getSizes(the detailed files) into field "Sizes"

Additional Comments
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Use the long keyword to obtain a date, time, name, ID, or list of files or folders with the greatest amount of available detail.


In general, a long form is longer than either the short form or the abbreviated form.

If the useSystemDate property is set to false, a long date looks like this:

Thursday, June 22, 2000

If the useSystemDate is true, the long date is formatted according to the system settings.

If the useSystemDate property is set to false, a long time looks like this:

11:22:47 AM

If the useSystemDate is true, the long time is formatted according to the system settings.

A long object name consists of the object type, followed by the name in quotes, for the object and its owner (and the owner of that object, and so on). For example, a long card name looks like this:

card "My Card" of stack "/Drive/Folder/Stack.rev"

A long object ID looks like this:

field ID 2238 of stack "/Drive/Folder/Stack.rev"

Note: The longkeyword is implemented internally as a property and function, and appears in the propertyNames and the functionNames. However, it cannot be used as a property in an expression, nor with the setcommand.

Changes to Revolution:

The forms the detailed files and the detailed folders were introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, the files and folders functions supported only a simple list of file or folder names.

The detailed synonym was introduced in version 1.1.

The form the long owner was introduced in version 2.0. In previous versions, the form of the owner property could not be specified and reported only the abbreviated owner.

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