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MacOS,Mac OS X
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Used as a URL type with such commands as load and get to designate the resource fork of a Mac OS file.

get URL "resfile:/Disk/System Folder/Apple Menu Items/Calculator App"

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Use the resfile keyword to work with Mac OS resource forks.


On Mac OS systems, files consist of either or both of a data fork and a resource fork. The resource fork contains defined resources such as icons, menu definitions, dialog boxes, fonts, and so forth.

A URL container can be used anywhere another container type is used. The Revolution-specific scheme "resfile" indicates the resource fork of a file which is located on the user's system. The file is specified by either an absolute path starting with "/", or a relative path from the defaultFolder.

A resfile URL specifies the entire resource fork, not just one resource. The most common use for this URL scheme is to copy an entire resource fork from one file to another. To modify the data from a resfile URL, you need to understand the details of Apple's resource fork format.

Important! Unlike the file and binfileURL types, the resfilekeyword cannot be used to create a file. If the file "myFile" doesn't yet exist, attempting to use it with the resfilekeyword will fail and the resultfunction will be set to "file not found". To create a new resource file, first use a fileURL to create the file with an empty data fork, then write the needed data to its resource fork:

put empty into URL "file:myFile" -- creates an empty file

put myStoredResources into URL "resfile:myFile"

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