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Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Specifies that a button or graphic is shaped like a rectangle with rounded corners. It also designates the paint tool used to draw rounded-corner rectangles.

set the style of graphic "Outline" to roundRect
choose round rectangle tool

Additional Comments
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Use the roundRect keyword to paint a rounded rectangle or square with the penColor or to change a graphic or button to a rounded rectangle shape.


When using the Round Rectangle tool, the cursor is a crosshairs shape (over images) or an arrow (anywhere else). This tool is used to draw a rounded rectangle or square in the penColor, filled with the brushColor (or brushPattern).

If you try to paint with the Round Rectangle tool on a card that has no images, an image the size of the card is created to hold the painting. If the current card already has one or more images, painting outside the image has no effect.

Setting the style of a button or graphic to roundRect makes the graphic into a rounded rectangle. Rounded rectangle graphics, unlike painted rounded rectangles, can be changed and reshaped: use the height and width properties to change the shape and size.

Important! You can use the synonyms--round rect, round rectangle, and roundRectangle--to choose the round rectangle paint tool, but not to set a graphic'sstyleproperty.

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