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Delimits a block comment.

answer whichPrompt /* use the prompt that was set earlier */
/* This entire block, although it is two lines
long, is a single comment. */

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Anything between /* and */ is treated as a comment and is ignored by Revolution when executing the handler.


Comments are useful for documenting and explaining your code, either for others who might need to read and modify it, or for yourself. (The code may be clear in your mind now, but in six months, you'll be glad you included comments.)

The block comments created by /**/ differ from the line comments created by -- because a block comment can span multiple lines, as well as a single line or part of a line. (A comment marked by -- extends only to the end of the line.) A comment that starts with /* does not end until */, even if there are several lines in between.

Comments can be placed anywhere in a script--inside handlers or outside all handlers. In a long script with many handlers, it may be useful to divide the handlers into sections. Each section starts with a comment containing the section name and any other useful information. This practice helps you keep long scripts organized. Similarly, a lengthy handler can be made more readable by explanatory comments.

Comments can contain any text, including lines of Revolution code. If the code is within a comment, it's ignored. You can temporarily remove sections of code for debugging by putting those sections inside a comment.

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