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Specifies one of the transfer modes that can be used with the ink property.

set the ink of card field ID 8 to srcOrReverse

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Use the srcOrReverse keyword to invert the color underneath the dark-colored parts of an object.


The ink property determines how an object's colors combine with the colors of the pixels underneath the object to determine how the object's color is displayed.

The srcOrReverse transfer mode performs the following steps to compute the color of each pixel:

1. Each component of the color underneath the object--the number indicating the amount of red, green, or blue--is changed to its inverse. (If the color is expressed as three integers between zero and 255--one for each of red, green, and blue--then the inverse of each component is equal to 255 minus the component's value.)

2. For each of the three components, the resulting number is converted to its binary equivalent, a string of ones and zeroes. The same is done for each component of the object color.

3. Revolution performs a bitOr operation on each component of the object color with the corresponding component of the inverse color under the object. (A bit is 1 if one or both of the corresponding bits of the object color and the color underneath is 1. If both corresponding bits are zero, the resulting bit is 0. )

4. For each component, the resulting binary number is turned back into a decimal number, which is one of the three components--red, green, or blue--of the final color.

The effect is that the darker an object is, the more transparent it is to the inverted color beneath. Black parts of an object completely invert the color underneath them, and white parts are completely opaque.

For example, suppose an object's color is 45,0,255, and the color of the pixels under the object is 20,45,100. The binary equivalent of the object's color is

00101101, 00000000, 11111111

and the binary equivalent of the inverse of the color underneath is

11101011, 11010010, 10011011

If the srcOrReverse transfer mode is used, the resulting binary components are

11101111, 11010010, 11111111

and the object's displayed color is 239,210,255 (the decimal equivalent).

The srcOrReverse mode can be used only on Unix and Windows systems. On Mac OS systems, objects whose ink property is set to this mode appear as though their ink were set to srcCopy.

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