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Used with several commands, usually to specify a default setting or send a callback message when the operation of the command is complete.

open socket to "" with message "mySocketOpened"
ask file "Please name the file:" with the short name of me
click at 100,100 with shiftKey

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Use the with keyword to complete a command that requires it.


The with keyword is used with the following commands:

* accept, load, open socket, read from socket, write to socket: specifies a callback message.

* answer: specifies names of buttons.

* answer color, answer file, answer folder, ask, ask file, ask password: specifies a default setting.

* click, drag, type: specifies keys to be pressed.

* export, import: specifies a mask file to use.

* hide, show, unlock screen, visual effect: specifies a visual effect or sound effect.

* combine, split: specifies delimiters to use for array entries.

* create stack: specifies a group name to include in the new stack.

* filter: specifies the wildcard expression.

* intersect, union: specifies which array to use.

* launch: specifies the application to use when opening a document with an application.

* open printing: specifies whether to show the Print dialog box.

* replace: specifies the replacement string.

* reply, request: includes an AppleEvent keyword.

* send to program: specifies whether to wait for a response.

* wait: allows messages to be sent during the wait.

When used with the combine or split command, the with keyword is a synonym for using.

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