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Sent to the field with the selection when the selection is being removed from the field, and its contents have not changed.

on exitField -- remove visual signs that the field is being edited

set the showBorder of the target to false

end exitField

Additional Comments
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Handle the exitField message if you want to do something when the user leaves a field that hasn't been changed.


The selection is removed from a field (and the field loses focus) when another window is brought to the front, when the user clicks in another field, or when the user tabs out of the field. The field also loses focus when the select command is used to select text in another field. However, the exitField message is not sent when the user clicks another point in the same field.

The exitField message is sent to buttons whose menuMode is "comboBox", since the type-in box in a combo box behaves like a field.

The exitField message is sent only if the field's contents have not changed since the last time it received the openField message. If a field is closing and its contents have changed, the closeField message is sent instead of exitField. This means that if you want to take an action when the selection is removed from a field--whether the field has changed or not--you must handle both closeField and exitField.

Note that if the field's contents were changed by script using the put command, then exitField will still be sent. closeField is only sent when the contents are changed by the user.

User Comments
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Oliver Kenyon
Jan 8, 2010
If you are handling commandKeyDown to modify the data that the user pastes into a field, use something like the example code in my comment for commandKeyDown (Jan 8th 2010) to get a closeField message when the user has pasted something into the field.
Otherwise if you are using

put into selection

or something similar, you'll get exitField regardless.