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menuPick chosenItem[|submenuName],previousTab

Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Sent to a button when a menu item is chosen from the menunassociated with that button.

on menuPick theItem -- in a pulldown menu
if theItem is "Close" then close the defaultStack
else if theItem is "Quit" then quit
end menuPick

Additional Comments
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Handle the menuPick message to do something when the user chooses a menu item from a button menu, or chooses a tab in a tabbed button.


The chosenItem is the label of the menu item the user chose. If the menu item is part of a submenu, the menu item label is followed by a vertical bar (|) and the submenu's label.

The previousTab is the text of the menu item that was selected before the user chose a new menu item. This parameter is included only if the button's menuMode property is set to "tabbed".

Note: If the specification of a menu or submenu includes a tag, that tag will replace the menu label in the chosenItem parameter


The menuPick message is sent when the user clicks a tab in a tabbed button, when the user chooses a menu item from the menu associated with a button, or when a button's menuHistory property is set by a handler.

The menuPick message is sent every time a menu item is chosen, even if the menu is a type that retains its state (such as an option menu) and the chosen menu item has not changed. (However, no menuPick message is sent when an already-chosen tab in a tabbed button is clicked, since no menu is displayed.)

To get the item number of the currently chosen menu item, use the menuHistory property.

Note: The & and / characters can be used in a pulldown menu to create special effects. To be shown (instead of creating these effects), either character can be doubled. (For example, placing the line "This && That" in a menu item results in the menu item being displayed as "This & That", with one ampersand.) When the user chooses a menu item with these special characters, the chosenItemparameter is the text that appears in the menu as displayed, not the text of that line of the menu button.

User Comments
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Jan 7, 2009
The menuPick message is sent when a button's menuHistory property is set by a handler ONLY IF the menuHistory value was changed by setting it. For example, if a menu button's menuHistory is 3 and a handler sets it to 3 again, no menuPick message is sent to the button. (