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Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Sent when the mouse pointer moves out of an object.

on mouseLeave -- hide another object
hide field "Comments"
end mouseLeave

Additional Comments
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Handle the mouseLeave message to update a control when the mouse pointer moves outside it.


The mouseLeave message is sent only when the Browse tool is being used.

If two controls overlap, a mouseLeave message is sent whenever the mouse pointer crosses outside a visible portion of a control. The control on the bottom receives a mouseLeave message only when the mouse pointer leaves part of the control that can be seen. A control that is completely hidden by another control on top of it will never receive a mouseLeave message.

If the mouse button is down when the mouse pointer leaves the control, the mouseLeave message is not sent until the mouse button is released.

If a control is hidden (by changing its visible property to false or using the hide command), and the mouse pointer is over the control when it is hidden, Revolution sends a mouseLeave message to the control.

User Comments
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Apr 15, 2009
If two controls are on top of each other, call them control A and control B where control B is on top, control B will be sent a mouseLeave message when the pointer crosses over control A, even if it is still technically on top of control B. In order to just execute some code when the mouse leaves control B completely, but not when the mouse crosses over control A, you can using the following logic in the mouseLeave handler of control B:

On mouseLeave
if the mouseLoc is within the rect of me then exit mouseLeave
-- code to execute when mouse leaves control B complete goes here
End mouseLeave