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mouseUp mouseButtonNumber
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Sent when the user releases the mouse button.

on mouseUp
answer "You clicked" && the name of the target
end mouseUp

Additional Comments
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Handle the mouseUp message to perform an action when the user releases the mouse button after clicking.


The mouseButtonNumber specifies which mouse button was pressed:

* 1 is the mouse button on Mac OS systems and the left button on Windows and Unix systems.

* 2 is the middle button on Unix systems.

* 3 is the right button on Windows and Unix systems and Control-click on Mac OS systems.


The mouseUp message is sent to the control that was clicked, or to the card if no control was under the mouse pointer.

The mouseUp message is sent only when the Browse tool is being used. If an unlocked field is clicked with mouse button 1 or 2, no mouseUp message is sent.

If the mouse has moved outside the control that was originally clicked before the user releases the mouse button, the mouseRelease message is sent instead of mouseUp. If the click is the second click of a double click, the mouseDoubleUp message is sent instead of mouseUp.

Tip: If the user clicks several times in rapid succession (for example, if the user clicks an "Increase" button that increases a number by 1), some of the clicks may send a mouseDoubleUpmessage instead of mouseUp. If your script only handles the mouseUpmessage, these accidental double clicks will be lost. One way to prevent this is to install a handler in an object that's further in the message path, to re-send double clicks:

on mouseDoubleUp

if "on mouseUp" is in the script of the target \

and "on mouseDoubleUp" is not in the script of the target

then send "mouseUp: to the target

end mouseDoubleUp

If the user double-clicks an object whose script contains a mouseUp handler but no mouseDoubleUp, the above handler will automatically send a mouseUp to the object so the second click can be handled normally (instead of as a double-click).

Important! If the user clicks a transparent pixel in an image, the mouseUpmessage is sent to the object behind the image, not to the image.

User Comments
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Jun 20, 2010
typo? then send "mouseUp___:___ to the target ":" should probably be a quote?