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Sent periodically to an object while the mouse pointer is within its borders.

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Handle the mouseWithin message to perform some repeating task (such as an update) for as long as the mouse pointer is over a control.


The period between mouseWithin messages is specified by the idleRate and idleTicks properties.

The mouseWithin message is sent only when the Browse tool is being used.

If two controls overlap, a mouseWithin message is sent whenever the mouse pointer is in a visible portion of a control. The control on the bottom receives a mouseWithin message only when the mouse pointer is in a portion of the control that can be seen. A control that is completely hidden by another control on top of it will never receive a mouseWithin message.

If the mouse button is down when the mouse pointer enters the control, no mouseWithin messages are sent until the mouse button is released. If the mouse pointer leaves the control while the mouse button is still down, no mouseWithin messages are sent. If the mouse button is pressed while the pointer is in the control, however, mouseWithin messages continue to be sent, even while the mouse button is down.

Usually, it is easier and more efficient to use the mouseMove message to track the movement of the mouse while the button is being held down. The mouseWithin message is sent continually and must be handled several times a second, taking up a great deal of processor time. The mouseMove message is sent only when the mouse is moved, making it more efficient.

Note: If there is no mouseWithinhandler in the target object'sscript, no mouseWithinmessage is sent, even if there is a mouseWithinhandler in an object that's further along the message path.

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