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Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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A control that is clickable.

set the hilite of button "Warning" to false
if the number of this card is 1 then hide button "Previous"

Additional Comments
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Use the button object type to create a clickable button, a tabbed window, or a menu.


Button objects can be push buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, or menus, depending on the setting of their style property.

A button whose style is set to "menu" can be a popup or contextual menu, pulldown menu, option menu, tabbed button, or combo box, depending on the setting of its menuMode property.

A button is contained in a card, group, or background. Buttons cannot contain other objects.

The button object has a number of properties and messages associated with it. To see a list of messages that can be sent to a button as a result of user actions or internal Revolution events, open the "Revolution Language Dictionary" page of the main Documentation window, ensure that the button column is visible and use sort and filter to bring the relevant entries to the top.

Note: A standard button is rendered by the operating system, not Revolution. Changing certain properties of such a button will cause the button to stop honouring the native theme. Properties that affect the button's colour and border may cause this issue.

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