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Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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A control that contains other controls.

set the showBorder of last group to true
create group "Options"

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Use the group object type to hold sets of controls, radio-button clusters, menu bars, and controls to be displayed on more than one card.


A group is a set of controls that has been made into a single control. You can select, move, resize, or copy the group, and all the controls in it come with the group. You can show a border around the group (using its border property), a label (using the showName property), or scrollbars.

Groups can contain any type of control (including other nested groups).

When referring to a group using the synonyms background, bkgnd, or bg, the reference is to one among the groups in a stack, rather than to one among the groups on a card. For example, the object reference background 1 indicates the first group in the current stack, not the lowest-layered group on the current card.

The group object has a number of properties and messages associated with it. To see a list of messages that can be sent to a group as a result of user actions or internal Revolution events, open the "Revolution Language Dictionary" page of the main Documentation window, ensure that the group column is visible and use sort and filter to bring the relevant entries to the top

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