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Desktop, Web and Server
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A control that displays a movie or sound file.

start player "San Antone"
hide player (the selectedText of button "Current Movie")

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Use the player object type to display a movie or sound from a separate file.


Unlike an audio clip or video clip, a player does not contain the movie or sound data. Instead, you use the player's filename property to indicate the separate file that holds the movie or sound. This reduces the memory required by your stack, because the movie or sound data is only loaded into memory when it's being used, rather than being loaded into memory whenever the stack file is open. However, it also makes it possible for the movie or sound data to be misplaced during distribution, since the file is separate from your stack file.

A player is contained in a card, group, or background. Players cannot contain other objects.

The player object has a number of properties and messages associated with it. To see a list of messages that can be sent to a player as a result of user actions or internal Revolution events, open the "Revolution Language Dictionary" page of the main Documentation window, ensure that the player column is visible and use sort and filter to bring the relevant entries to the top.

Important! Setting a player's filename does not automatically update its currentTimeproperty. If you play a movie file, then change the player'sfilename in order to play another, you must reset the currentTime to zero in order to start from the beginning of the second movie:

set the filename of player "My Player" to ""

set the currentTime of player "My Player" to zero

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