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Groupsoperands together.

get (quantity * priceEach) + shippingCost
("a" is within field 1) or ("b" is within field 2)
23 * ((4 / 17) + 60) + (- 7)

Additional Comments
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Use parentheses ( ) to group operands together in order to control the order operations are performed in, or to make the structure of a complex expression clearer.


The expression is any Revolution expression.


When Revolution evaluates an expression, operations enclosed within parentheses are performed first. If parentheses are nested, the expression within the innermost set of parentheses is evaluated first.

For example, the sin function is evaluated before the / operator, so the sin of 1/4 means "take the sine of one, then divide by four". To obtain the sine of 1/4, use parentheses to force the division to be done first, as in this expression: the sin of (1/4).

Even when they are not needed to change operator precedence, parentheses are useful in making complex expressions more readable. For example,

(quantity * priceEach) + (shippingCost * weight)

evaluates to the same number as

quantity * priceEach + shippingCost * weight

But the first example is easier to understand, because the parentheses break down the expression logically for the reader.

Parentheses in expressions must be used in pairs, each ( with a matching ). Use of unmatched parentheses will cause a compile error.

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Alan Perks
Sep 10, 2009
if ((SubSection = 2) or (SubSection = 9)) = false then -- Do something special ONLY if subsection is NOT 2 or 9 --Do something special here that does not apply if SubSection is 2 or 9 --only SubSection 9 works as intended if the outermost brackets are left off, because if SubSection is 2 then it is forgotten when SubSection 9 is processed. end if