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value1 or value2
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Evaluates to true if either operand is true, false if both operands are false.

("a" > "b") or ("b" > "a") -- evaluates to true
(1 < 0) or (1 = 0) -- evaluates to false
wait until the controlKey is up or the commandKey is up

Additional Comments
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Use the or operator to combine two or more logical (true or false) values.


The value1 and value2 are true or false, or expressions that evaluate to true or false.


If value1 is true or value2 is true, or if both value1 and value2 are true, then the or operation evaluates to true. Only if both value1 and value2 are false does the expression value1 or value2 evaluate to false.

You can combine the logical operators and, or, and not in an expression.

Note:Revolution uses what is known as "short-circuit evaluation" for logicaloperators. This means that value1 is evaluated first. If value1 is true, the expression value1 or value2 is true regardless of what value2 is (because the expressionevaluates to true as long as at least one of the values is true). In this case, Revolution does not evaluatevalue2, since doing so is not necessary to determine the value of value1 or value2. For example, evaluating the expression asin(2) normally causes an execution error (because 2 is not a legal argument for the arc sine function), but evaluating the expression (1 = 1) or (asin(2) = 1) does not cause an error: since (1 = 1) is always true, the whole statement is always true and Revolution never tries to evaluate the asinfunction.

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