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set the RTFText of [chunk of] field to RTFString
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Specifies the contents of a field, with its text formatting represented in RTF format.

set the RTFText of field "Stuff" to URL "file:New Stuff.rtf"
put the RTFText of field "Destination" into URL myURL

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Use the RTFText property to import and export text in RTF format.


The RTFText of a field is a string.


The RTFText property is a representation of the styled text of the field in RTF format.

Setting the RTFText of a field (or a chunk of a field) sets both the text contents and the font, size, style, and color attributes corresponding to the information in the RTFString. Any other formatting controls in the RTFstring are ignored.

The RTFText property interprets the following RTF formatting controls:

Colors: \cf, \colortbl, \red, \green, \blue, \highlight

Styles: \plain, \b, \i, \ul, \ulnon, \strike, \dn, \up

Font and character set: \fcharset, \ansi, \mac, \pc, \pca, \u, \fonttbl, \f, \fs

Others: \header, \par, \line, \tab

Getting the RTFText property reports a string consisting of the text of the field (or chunk of a field), with any font, size, style, and color properties embedded in the text in the form of RTF control words. Unicode text is supported.

Important! Because the RTF standard does not include the box, threeDbox, and link styles supported by Revolution, the RTFTextproperty does not necessarily include all information necessary to reproduce the style information in a chunk. To export and re-import field information without losing any style information, use the htmlTextproperty instead.

For technical information about the RTF format, see the article at <>.

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