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set the backgroundBehavior of group to {true | false}

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Specifies whether a group is automatically placed on new cards, and whether the group comes after the cards it's on in the message path.

set the backgroundBehavior of last group to true
if not the backgroundBehavior of me then send "mouseUp" to me

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Use the backgroundBehavior property to make groups behave like HyperCard backgrounds, and to automatically place groups on newly created cards.


The backgroundBehavior of a group is true or false.

By default, the backgroundBehavior property of newly created groups is set to false.

Note: If a stack created in a version of Revolution earlier than 1.1 is opened in 1.1 or later, the backgroundBehavior of all its groups is set to true by default. This also applies to imported HyperCard stacks.


A group's backgroundBehavior property controls two things: the message path of cards containing the group, and whether the group is copied automatically to new cards.

When a message is sent to a card, it is sent next to any groups on the card whose backgroundBehavior property is set to true (and that haven't already received the message). If you want a group to be in the message path for any card it is placed on, set the group's backgroundBehavior to true.

When you create a new card, any groups on the current card whose backgroundBehavior is true are automatically placed on the newly created card. If you create a group of objects that serves as a template for all cards, you should set the group's backgroundBehavior to true so it will be automatically placed on new cards you create. (Only groups on the current card when you use the create card command are automatically placed on the new card. Other groups are not automatically placed, regardless of their backgroundBehavior setting.)

Note: Only groups whose backgroundBehavior is true appear in the list reported by the backgroundNames and backgroundIDsproperties.

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Devin Asay
Apr 15, 2009
Be aware that if you create a group on a card its backgroundBehavior propery is set to false, as noted above. However, if you then place the group on another card, the backgroundBehavior property gets set to true. It seems that a group placed on more than one card is considered a background group by definition, so the property setting is switched automatically when this happens.