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set the colors of object to colorsList
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Specifies all the colors of an object, in shorthand form.

put the colors of this stack into field "Colors"
set the colors of last button to field "Colors"
set the colors of this stack to the colors of stack "Home"

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Use the colors property to get all eight basic color properties at once, or to set the colors of one object to be the same as the colors of another object.


The colors of an object is a list of color references, one per line.

A color reference is any standard color name; or three comma-separated integers between zero and 255, specifying the level of each of red, green, and blue; or an HTML-style color consisting of a hash mark (#) followed by three hexadecimal numbers, one for each of red, green, and blue.

The colors of an image contains as many lines as there are colors used in the image. The colors of all other objects contains eight lines, some of which may be empty.


For objects other than images, you can set all these colors individually; the colors property simply provides a shorter method of dealing with all of them at once. Each line of the colors corresponds to one of the following color properties:

Line 1: the foregroundColor

Line 2: the backgroundColor

Line 3: the hiliteColor

Line 4: the borderColor

Line 5: the topColor

Line 6: the bottomColor

Line 7: the shadowColor

Line 8: the focusColor

If you leave a line blank when setting the colors, the color property corresponding to that line is left unchanged.

If the colors property of an object reports a blank line, that color is not set for the individual object, but is inherited from the object's owner. Use the form the effective colors of object to obtain the colors used for the object, whether set for the object or inherited.

If a pattern is set for an object, that pattern is used instead of the corresponding color for that object.

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