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set the customKeys of object to {propertiesList | empty}

Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Lists the names of all the custom properties of an object.

set the customKeys of stack "Preferences" to empty
set the customKeys of last button to the customKeys of button 1

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Use the customKeys property to find out what custom properties an object has, and to create or delete custom properties.


The customKeys of an object is a list of that object's custom property names, one per line.


The customKeys lists the names of properties in the object's current customPropertySet. If the object has more than one custom property set, you must switch to the desired property set before checking the customKeys. The following example displays the custom properties in a custom property set called "Francois":

set the customPropertySet of button "My Button" to "Francois"

answer the customKeys of button "My Button" -- in "Francois" set

Alternatively, the custom property set can be accessed using:

answer the customKeys["Francois"] of button "My Button"

If you set the customKeys of an object, and the propertiesList contains a custom property that the object doesn't have, a custom property with that name is created.

(A property name can be up to 255 characters long. The number of property names is limited only by Revolution's total memory space.) The value of a newly-created custom property is empty.

If you set the customKeys of an object and do not include the name of an existing custom property, that custom property is deleted. Setting the customKeys to empty deletes all custom properties in the current custom property set.

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