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set the customProperties of object to propertiesArray

set the customProperties[propertySet] of object to propertiesArray

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Specifies all the custom properties of an object that are in the current customPropertySet, along with their settings.

set the customProperties of this card to myPropertiesArray
put the customProperties["mySet"] of me into myArray

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Use the customProperties property to set or retrieve all the custom properties of an object at once.


The customProperties of an object is an array of custom properties and their values. The name of each custom property is the array key.


The customProperties specifies the properties in the object's current customPropertySet. (The object can have other custom properties, which are accessed by switching to another customPropertySet.)

You can get or change the value of a single custom property using array notation. For example, the following statement copies the entire set of custom properties from one card to another, changing only the custom property named "changedDate":

put the customProperties of this card into myCustomProps

put field 3 into myCustomProps["changedDate"]

set the customProperties of next card to myCustomProps

Note: You can also set custom properties individually using the set command.

To refer to a custom property set that is not the current customPropertySet, use array notation. For example, to get an array consisting of all the custom properties in a custom property set called "MyProps", use a statement like the following:

get the customProperties["MyProps"] of this card

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