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set the dashes [of graphic] to pixelsOn[,pixelsOff]

Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies the appearance of dashed lines in graphics and paint images.

set the dashes to 10,2 -- 10-pixel dashes separated by 2 pixels
set the dashes of graphic "Connector" to 1,2,5,2 -- "dit-dot" dashes
set the dashes of graphic 10 to empty -- makes a solid line

Additional Comments
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Use the dashes property to change the appearance of lines.


A list of numbers which spcecifies a sequence of pixel lengths that alternately represent space and dash lengths.

By default, the dashes property of a newly created graphic is set to empty.


The odd-numbered items in the dashes property represent the number of pixels in a dash, and the even-numbered items represent the number of pixels in the blank space after the dash. The list is repeated for the length of the line. An odd number of pixel lengths will cause the dash and space pixel lengths to alternate between repeats. For example, if the dashes is set to 20,10,5 the line will contain the following: 20 pixel dash, 10 pixel space, 5 pixel dash, 20 pixel space, 10 pixel dash, 5 pixel space etc.

If the dashes property contains a single integer the dashes and spaces will both be given this pixel value. If the dashes property is empty, the line will be solid.

The global setting of the dashes property controls the appearance of lines drawn with the paint tools in the same way. Once a paint line is drawn however, its appearance cannot be changed by changing the global dashes property.

User Comments
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Devin Asay
Feb 6, 2009
When you first click the Dashed Lines checkbox in the property inspector for a line, freehand polygon or curve graphic, the default value of the dashes gets set to 3,1. The antialiased of graphics is true by default, and the capStyle of these styles of graphic is "round" by default. The combination of all three of the values, together with a line size > 1 makes these graphics appear not to be dashed. To see the dashed lines of these graphics more clearly, increase the values of the dashes, or set the capstyle of the graphic to "butt".