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set the focusColor of object to {empty | colorName | RGBColor}
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies the color of the outline around the active control or the field with the insertion point.

set the focusColor of me to "black"
set the focusColor of button "Help" to 128,128,255

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Use the focusColor property to specify the outline color of an object when it's active.


The focusColor of an object is any valid color reference.

The colorName is any standard color name.

The RGBColor consists of three comma-separated integers between zero and 255, specifying the level of each of red, green, and blue; or an HTML-style color consisting of a hash mark (#) followed by three hexadecimal numbers, one for each of red, green, and blue.

By default, the focusColor for all objects is empty.


Setting the focusColor of an object to empty allows the focusColor of the object's owner to show through. Use the effective keyword to find out what color is used for the object, even if its own focusColor is empty.

If the focusColor is not set for any object in the object hierarchy, the system setting is used.

The setting of the focusColor property has different effects, depending on the object type:

* The focusColor of a stack, card, or group determines the focusColor of each object in the stack, card, or group that does not have its own focusColor.

* The focusColor of a button is used to outline the button when it is focused. If the button's style is menu, or if the button's traversalOn property is false, the focusColor has no effect.

* The focusColor of a field or scrollbar is used to outline the object when it is focused. If the object's traversalOn property is false, the focusColor has no effect.

* The focusColor of a graphic, player, audioClip, videoClip, or EPS object has no effect.

* The focusColor of an image is the eighth color in the image's color palette.

If an object's focusPattern is set, the pattern is shown instead of the color specified by the focusColor.

The focusColor property has no effect on controls whose showFocusBorder property is set to false.

If the lookAndFeel is set to "Macintosh" or "Appearance Manager", the focusColor affects only fields.

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