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set the fullscreen of stack to { true | false }

Platform Support
Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies whether a stack window takes up the entire screen.

on mouseUp
if the short name of the target is "Full Screen" then
set the fullscreen of this stack to the hilite of the target
end if
end mouseUp

Additional Comments
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Use the fullscreen property to change a stack's size to make it take up the whole screen.


The fullscreen property of a stack is either true or false.

By default, the fullscreen property of newly created stacks is set to false.

Setting the fullscreen of a stack causes the stack to take up all available space on the screen, this includes space occupied by desktop furniture, for example the Taskbar on Windows and the Dock on Mac OS X.

When the screenRect is changed, any stack with fullscreen set to true will automatically resize to fit the new screen size.

Changing the size or position of a stack with fullscreen set to true will have no effect.

When a stack has its fullscreen set from true to false, the rect of the stack is restored to the value it had immediately before the fullscreen was last set to true.

When a stack is full screen, all decorations are removed, however the decorations property still reports the decorations that the stack had prior to being made full screen. The decorations are restored when a stack is made non-full screen.

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